Watch the freakish Hollywood-style video Trump made for Kim Jong

The two leaders shake hands as the summit begins

Trump later told a news conference he would end joint U.S. -South Korean military exercises, and an American guarantee of the Kim regime's survival, Kim will have obtained all that he has sought while America could never be sure that Pyongyang was pursuing its nuclear weapons program in underground military bases that no inspector would be permitted to enter.

"We believe that Chairman Kim Jong-un understands the urgency of the timing of completing this denuclearization and understands we must do this quickly", Pompeo said, according to South Korea's Yonhap newswire.

While Trump was facing questions at home and among allies about whether he gave away too much in return for too little, North Korean state media heralded claims of a victorious meeting with the USA president.

Reportedly, neither Seoul nor US Forces Korea had been informed in advance of the cancellation of the drills - a long-standing North Korean demand.

The announcement comes after President Trump declared after his historic summit with Kim that he would stop the "war games."

While acknowledging that there may be "very conflicting views regarding the outcome of the summit", the United States had been able to spare "the whole world. the fear of war - a nuclear war - as well as the long-range missiles", he said. He says Trump and Kim Jong Un had a "blunt conversation" about changes needed for North Korea to rejoin the world community.

"And the sanctions relief can not take place until such time as we have showed that North Korea has been completely denuclearised".

"The United States is our ally, so the joint military drills are still necessary to maintain our relationship with the US", said Lee Jae Sung, from Incheon.

Skeptics of how much the meeting achieved pointed to the North Korean leadership's long-held view that nuclear weapons are a bulwark against what it fears are USA plans to overthrow it and unite the Korean peninsula. The talks followed on from an inter-Korean summit in April at which Moon and Kim agreed to defuse tension and cease "hostile acts".

Pompeo, who made two trips to Pyongyang, pre-summit and who was a key architect of the North Korea-US summit, appeared keen to defend the declaration signed by the two parties.

The report was interpreted as meaning the U.S. would grant rewards - such as sanctions relief - to North Korea as North Korea take steps to denuclearize, a process which the USA had adamantly opposed.

North Korea is known to have hundreds of facilities related to the development of nuclear and chemical weapons, and advanced missile systems.

Trump is also wrong to say there was an assumption before he took office that the United States would go to war.

"He's an incredible guy", Trump said.

"Before taking office people were assuming that we were going to War with North Korea", Trump tweeted.

For the average North Korean, the state media's coverage of Kim's diplomatic blitz this year must seem nothing short of astonishing.

A government source familiar with the matter told Reuters that Japanese officials planned to discuss the summit with North Korean officials at an worldwide conference on Northeast Asian security to be held in Mongolia on Thursday and Friday. On its face, it was not President Trump.

"The issue of South Korea-U.S. joint exercises is one that should be discussed", Kang said. Regarding the alliance, we are dealing with all the issues under the premise that we maintain the ironclad joint defense posture.

In this handout photograph provided by The Strait Times, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with U.S. President Donald Trump sign a document. Mr Trump said he wanted to see United States troops withdraw from the South.

The secretary of state and his counterparts in Seoul and Tokyo said they are united in support of the U.S. -South Korean drills was met with concern.



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