Uber launches Uber Lite, a 5MB app for India

Uber launches a low-data Lite app that's just 5MB in size

Dubbed Uber Lite, the app comes in at just 5MB, and is designed primarily to run on low-end hardware and 2G networks. India being a big market for the American convenience giant, the company has now made a decision to bring a lite version of the original Uber application. The app still features in-app support and you'll still be able to share your trip with friends and family, but it has a redesigned interface that relies less heavily on Global Positioning System and live access to maps. Uber is touting a 300-millisecond response time for the app, and the company says Uber Lite will work on all Android phones.

The app automatically pulls in your location via Global Positioning System, and there's a textbox where you can enter your destination details. Users will be able to see the closest available Ubers along with fare estimates, and options of UberGo, Pool, Premier, Moto, and UberXL. You'll also be able to call the driver and share your ride status once you get going.

On top of that, Uber Lite caches a city's top pickup places when you're offline, so you don't even need a network connection to bring them up.

When you open the app, you won't see a map with little Uber cars zipping around.

The app is now part of pilot scheme in India, the country where it was built, but should be available in more markets later in the year. The app has basic features that let you book a ride fast, and get on with your journey.

Similar to the original Uber app, the lite edition will also learn to give smarter recommendations to the users based on usage habits.



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