The Tesla Roadster's SpaceX package will replace the back seats with rockets

Tesla has been beset with a series of issues including claims of poor worker safety and accidents involving its

In a tweet posted Sunday, the CEO confirmed version 9 and said that previous versions of Autopilot have "rightly focused entirely on safety", but now it appears that the emphasis will be on refining and adding to the self-driving capabilities, which will eventually lead to a fully autonomous system.

Apart from the rockets, no new specs were revealed on his Twitter thread, however Musk did include some of his background history and passion for cars. Speaking on Twitter, he confirmed that the rockets would actually be powered by SpaceX technology and would result in the Tesla Roadster's rear seats being removed to allow for the technology to fit.

While this doesn't guarantee the carmaker's version 9 software will make your Tesla a self-driving auto, it at the very least, suggests that the new software would include the first steps to fully-autonomous driving. It will also increase the vehicle's range on a full charge to 620 miles. By using multiple systems, Musk hopes it can be used to decelerate the vehicle and even provide thrust for sharp turns.

Musk has said the new Roadster's intention is to prove an electric vehicle can outperform high-end gas-powered cars on any performance metric.

Tesla unveiled the new Roadster in November. The mentioned specifications were apparently for the "base version" of the next-gen Roadster. It already has a couple different sedans in the Model S and Model 3, along with the Model X SUV. "The point of all this is just to give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars".

Musk stated the entry-level version of the Tesla Roadster would hit 0-60mph in under 1.9 seconds, which should make it the first sub-two-second production vehicle.

The reason behind including rocket thrusters to Tesla's next-generation Roadster is to "dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking and cornering".



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