The Steam Summer Sale has started

Steam summer sale

Just as expected, the annual Steam Summer Sale has blasted off offering thousands of discounted games, and there's even a brand new mini-game for players to spend their time on for a chance to win free games.

Just as the rumors foretold, the Steam Summer Sale has launched at last.

Each year the Steam Summer Sale, alongside the Steam Winter Sale, famously drops the biggest game discounts for PC gamers, with titles right up to the quality of the incoming Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk 2077 reduced in price.

Since you may not want to wade through all the offers, I'd like to present to you a list of 7 games that you may want to check out. There are also Summer Sale trading cards to unlock by exploring your discovery queue and spending money, so if you're a badge collector, you'll want to make sure you're completing your discovery queue each day to earn those cards. More specifically, Steam users will be combating an intergalactic force that is trying to destroy all games.

Valve added a game to the sale called Saliens which you can play to enter giveaways for certain games.

There are oodles of more games to grab, and you can check out the full sale at Steam now. That means that games you added through Humble Bundle and other services are not calculated into the total figure.

It's not surprising given the regularity of the Steam sales, or at least the summer ones.



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