The Crew 2 open beta kicks off next week

The Crew 2 open beta kicks off next week

Get ready to hit the roads, waves, and air later this month all across America once more, as The Crew 2 will be getting an open beta later this month on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

A new trailer for The Crew 2 was also released during Ubisoft's E3 briefing. You can sign up via the beta link and a Uplay account.

Ubisoft announced a date for The Crew 2 open beta during its E3 2018 presentation. It showed off yet another look at the racing game's four main disciplines: street race, rally raid, powerboat, and aerobatics. Set to be one of the most exciting racing games of the year, developer Ivory Tower has been hard at work bringing to life The Crew 2's United States setting, allowing players to navigate their way through various diverse locales lifted from various parts of America. The Gold Edition was also confirmed that will allow players to play three days early on June 26, 2018. The Motor Edition offers the season pass and additional in-game content such outfits and vehicles.



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