Spurs turned down Celtics offer for Kawhi

Kawhi Leonard

Leonard has endured a freaky season with the Spurs, making just eight appearances while struggling with a mystery quadriceps injury that has stirred up tension between the player and team representatives.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, citing unidentified league sources, the Celtics made a trade proposal to the Spurs for Leonard before the NBA's February trade deadline. The Spurs never made a counterproposal to the Celtics.

The duo will reportedly have a meeting about their complicated relationship, and whether or not it's repairable, before the Spurs offer Leonard, who was injured for much of a year ago, a super-max contract extension. The much-awaited conversation is expected to be focused on addressing the issues between Leonard and the team, and offering the disgruntled superstar a massive contract extension.

With Popovich coming back for next year, he has one big decision and meeting this offseason with Kawhi Leonard. No details of precisely what the team offered the Spurs were provided.

"If reconciliation talks don't go well with Leonard, San Antonio has time to reconsider that stance". Boston will likely remain interested in acquiring him, though it is unclear whether or not the team's recent postseason success has shifted the way in which they value their young players.

The most likely outcome here is that the Spurs make amends and offer Leonard oodles of money. The addition of Love will keep them competitive in the Western Conference, and there is a possibility that playing under Coach Gregg Popovich could help him bring back the "Minnesota Love".

Meanwhile, succeeding to acquire Kawhi Leonard will tremendously increase the Cavaliers' chance of convincing LeBron James to stay. It is something that he can achieve if Leonard teams up with him in Cleveland next season.



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