'Rocket Garden' Part of SpaceX Plans for Florida Expansion

NASA Publishes SpaceX’s Futuristic Proposal For Kennedy Space Center

The plans, however, mark yet another attempt on SpaceX's part to continue establishing itself in the space travel industry, as the company raised over $500 million and got the green light to construct a California facility to manufacture reusable Big Falcon Rockets for potential Martian travel, according to Business Insider. Earlier this week, NASA published SpaceX's futuristic plans for the KSC, which include a massive hangar for refurbishing used Falcon boosters and other parts, a so-called "rocket garden" showcasing the company's own "historic" rockets and spacecraft, and a flying saucer-like control tower that will allow for the close observation of launches and landings. According to the document, SpaceX is seeking permission to build on a 67-acre patch of land about one mile north of KSC's visitor center complex.

The company SpaceX plans to build several objects with the latest technology at the cosmodrome on Cape Canaveral (Florida).

The futuristic control tower will be in 32,000 sq. ft. area and will stand 300 ft tall. The "world-class, architecturally distinctive" control tower would be used primarily to monitor launches and landings, but its towering imagery on the Cape Canaveral horizon would no doubt assert SpaceX's dominance as the most influential private-sector player that is now working with NASA.

NASA Publishes SpaceX’s Futuristic Proposal For Kennedy Space Center
SpaceX plans its own futuristic patch at the Kennedy Space Center

The most tuff of all facets of the Space Test Program-2 mission of the United States Air Force is certainly the act of organizing the large number of varied spacecraft and satellites from a large number of varied companies, government agencies, and institutions. This won't just be a graveyard for older rocket models; it will create a forest of towering rockets that give dramatic testimony to the company's prowess in space exploration.

As per the draft, there will also be up to 10 Falcon Heavy launches every year while the rest 54 will be Falcon 9 launches. The private player justifies the expansion plans by pointing out that KSC's current settings are not enough to support these launches. - SpaceX has plans to build a new facility at Kennedy Space Center that's poised to provide jobs and an economic boost to the Space Coast.

SpaceX already launches Dragon ships to supply cargo to International Space Stations.



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