Ricciardo intrigued by possible McLaren, Renault moves

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Daniel Ricciardo admitted to reporters in Le Castellet this morning that he would like to have made his decision on who he will race for next season by the summer break, which gets underway at the end of next month. I will have a listen and try to understand how confident they feel and maybe that can give me more influence on my decision.

Ricciardo has been linked with moves from several teams such as Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport and most recently, McLaren.

McLaren want to keep lead driver Fernando Alonso in 2019, but he has not decided whether he wants to stay in F1.

Only three teams - Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull - have won a race in the past five years.

When asked by Formula1.com if it was appealing for him to join a team like McLaren or Renault that isn't winning right now but where he could help get them into a position to do so, Ricciardo said: "There is part of it which is".

The news comes just days after Red Bull announced they were ending their long partnership with engine supplier Renault to begin a two-year deal with Honda from 2019. If he does go, they'll probably want a more experienced driver to come in, but we'll see.

"As far as comments on it, I haven't been presented anything which says that".

If the figures being mentioned are correct, Ricciardo would more than triple his salary and become one of the highest-paid drivers on the grid - albeit still some distance off the $60 million and $50 million pocketed by Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. We'll see. There are a lot of things to weigh up.

The Australian, who turns 29 next month, believes his next long-term deal will be his last and he wants to be in the best auto possible so that he can challenge for a F1 World Drivers' Championship: despite his widely-acknowledged talents, he has never finished better than third in the standings.

"I think they'll be comfortable keeping Bottas alongside him". If you're saying those two teams, they are not quite in that position yet.

"Now that the team has got the engine deal sorted, ideally they'd want something sooner rather than later".

They expected to be competing close to the front in 2018 after swapping their Honda engines for Renaults, but they have qualified in the top 10 at only two races and Alonso's best result is fifth.

"For me personally, it would be nice to at least go on the summer break knowing what I'm doing so I can enjoy the summer break". Just for me to kind of switch of as well. From a personal point of view, by the summer would be nice. "It could happen sooner, but by then I'd like to know".



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