No More Training Wheels? Google Pixelbook May Soon Run Windows 10

Enlarge  The 12.3-inch QHD display has large bezels around it for better grip in tablet

Google was already said to be rumored to be working on an "AltOS" for the Pixelbook, and this all but hints that said OS might end up being Windows 10.

Google has touted its Pixelbook as the must-have Chrome OS device and a real contender to any Windows 10-based machine on the market. Although Chrome OS is no longer entirely dependent on Web applications-it can also be used to run Android applications, and Linux application support is also in development-the lack of Windows support means that most traditional desktop applications are unusable. We've reached out to both companies for more details and will update this post if we hear back.

Before we get too carried away here, remember that whatever is happening behind the scenes could be derailed before Windows 10 support actually makes it to production hardware. Additionally, the latest news, first spotted by XDA Developers, comes from developers of Chrome OS using what is allegedly called AltOS in their documentation, along with mentions of Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK).

While the WHCK is self-explanatory, Microsoft uses the HLK as part of its Hardware Compatibility Program that certifies hardware can ship with Windows. Earlier this year there were reports of an alternative operating system being prepared for the notebook, and now XDA-Developers suggests that's Microsoft's Windows 10. Though the OS can run on uncertified hardware, certification brings signed drivers and a certain level of stability. With the move, Google may also be able to sell more devices. The ability to dual-boot into Microsoft's OS would essentially give a Chromebook all the flexibility of your average Windows laptop - though you'd still have to buy a Windows license.



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