Israeli cannabis industry chief welcomes United Kingdom review on medical marijuana

Licensed medical marijuana producer Aphria is one of the companies with a medicinal

If is determined medical cannabis provides significant medical and therapeutic benefits, then its expected it will be rescheduled for medicinal use.

Last week we mentioned Billy Caldwell was experiencing up to 100 seizures a day until he started being administered a specific blend of cannabis oil.

Writing in today's Scotsman, Mr MacAskill welcomed the United Kingdom government's decision to allow medicinal cannabis treatment for Billy Caldwell, an epileptic boy whose supply was recently confiscated at Heathrow Airport but was later returned.

While Billy was discharged from hospital on Monday, it is understood the campaigning mother intends to stay with her son in London for coming weeks to "seek assurances" from government ministers.

While clearly largely positive, we still want to hear the detail from the mouths of the Home Secretary and the Health Secretary who was sitting next to him when he made the statement.

She added: "At every stage of this campaign we have mentioned making history and we have mentioned it because it is commonsense".

David Nutt, professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, said he believed the government should act to move the control of drugs from the Home Office, which is responsible for policing, to the Department of Health, which is able to evaluate medical claims.

The announcement of the review came just days after Mr Javid permitted the use of cannabis oil to treat 12-year-old Castlederg boy Billy Caldwell, who had been admitted to hospital with seizures after supplies his mother had brought from Canada were confiscated.

"We are on the threshold of the next chapter of the history book". "We have seen in?recent months that there is a pressing need to allow those who might benefit from cannabis-based products to access them", he said.

Former UK Conservative Party leader William Hague, who now sits in the House of Lords, called for the UK government to "embrace a decisive change" in the law on medicinal and regulated recreational cannabis use, in an opinion piece in Britain's Telegraph newspaper.

It has said it will now look into possible changes on the use of cannabis-based medicines. "You would do anything to take away their pain".

"I know that they are following a gut parental instinct to do whatever is in their power to try to alleviate the suffering of their child".

Proposals being considered by the Canadian parliament would establish a legal market with licensed stores selling cannabis of regulated strength, with a strict prohibition on sales to teenagers, he said. Patients/carers can apply to the Home Office for a license to use a drug containing a controlled cannabis-based substance, but Labour MP Andy McDonald, whose son died as a result of epilepsy, reportedly described the process as "tortuous" and "painful", according to the BBC.



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