GOP senators push to rein in Trump on tariffs

President Trump is setting the agenda for Republicans and dominating the press coverage

President Trump's low approval ratings and the swirl of controversy around the White House have Republican strategists anxious about the party's standing headed toward the fall.

For those immigration opponents, it's better to have a couple dozen Republicans side with Democrats than have 218 Republicans find consensus on an immigration measure, even if it is more GOP-friendly.

It remains an open question where Democrats sit on the bill - which was still being finalized Tuesday evening.

Several lawmakers have said justifying tariffs on national security grounds was hurting US credibility and inviting retaliation that would hurt an otherwise solid economy. He told reporters afterward that the legislation had been well-received by several GOP senators.

Congress should abolish farm subsidies on crops, commodities and crop insurance and end subsidies for green energy as well as repeal the "buy America" requirement and the Jones Act, which requires goods shipped between US ports to be carried on ships that are domestically owned.

The bipartisan legislation that Corker filed would require the president to submit to Congress any tariffs put in place under a process that invokes national security. "Given the urgency of these weeks, we presume he won't be jetting off to Bedminster or Mar-a-Lago or spending countless hours on the golf course", Schumer said, in reference to two of Trump's favorite self-owned destinations. Every time they say "nominations, ' we'll say 'lower premiums.' When they say 'appropriations process, ' we'll say 'bring down drug prices.' Health care has been President Trump and Congressional Republicans" biggest failure, and it's the issue that's top of mind for voters.

Corker won't say how many people officially back his plan, but many Republicans say they are anxious about the tariffs Trump announced.

Curbelo said the young immigrants must "be guaranteed a future in our country, meaning they can not be exposed to deportation". The requirement would apply to all Section 232 actions moving forward, as well as those taken within the past two years.

The president should lift steel and aluminum tariffs, drop proposed tariffs on China, and "avoid any new tariffs". Ryan said in early May that an agreement had to be sent to Congress by May 17 for it to meet the review timelines set out in the Trade Promotion Authority law.

Senate Republicans anxious about a possible trade war with US allies Canada, Mexico and the European Union are pushing a plan to give Congress the final say over some trade actions. "This emerging trade war endangers the remarkable economic progress we've seen in the past year".

Hurd said moderates have the votes already, but are "engaged in conversations to figure out ... is there another path".

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce quickly endorsed it, saying 'this modest proposal to clarify congressional prerogatives is welcome and long overdue'.

"Steel tariffs in our view are unjust", Greg Armstrong, CEO of Plains All American Pipeline LP and chairman of the National Petroleum Council, said in remarks at the U.S. Energy Information Administration conference in Washington, D.C., yesterday. Corker wasted little time in jumping in to craft his proposal.

"Look, I think it should be in there".



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