Falling German crime stats 'speak for themselves,' Merkel says after Trump's tweet

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has become infuriated with Angela Merkel over EU migration policies

The implementation of the Dublin II Treaty without the effective implementation of the relocation of asylum seekers across the EU (quota system) is meeting opposition by the main countries of entry into the EU, Italy and Greece.

"By granting Merkel her two weeks, the CSU is ostensibly making effective bilateral deals their condition for staying in the grand coalition", said Mujtaba Rahman, managing director at Eurasia Group.

In separate remarks, minister Seehofer said he'd be glad to see a European agreement, but he stressed that he doesn't rule out "a national solution unless a European settlement comes together".

Germany and France have agreed on major European Union reform plans after German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron met Tuesday to prepare the June 28-29 European Union summit.

"We think that turning people back without consultation at our borders, as a country at the heart of Europe, could lead to negative domino effects that could also hurt Germany and ultimately lead to the questioning of European unity". On Monday, reports emerged that Seehofer has agreed to give Merkel two weeks to come up with a solution, but the situation is still highly concerning for investors already anxious about politics in the European region.

Merkel said she will hold talks at and around an upcoming European Union summit and report back to her own conservative party July 1. If that were to happen, Mayer says, Merkel would have the authority to fire Seehofer.

Seehofer's party met in Munich to affirm its backing for his so-called migration masterplan comprising 63 measures, the most contentious of which is to start turning migrants away. Unilateral action would also anger our Austrian neighbour, who would be saddled with most of the migrants Germany turns back.

Central and eastern European Union nations such as Hungary and Poland have either refused outright or resisted taking in refugees under an European Union quota system, and Austria has also taken an uncompromising stance.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to discuss the issue of migration with Italy's new premier on his first official trip to Berlin.

Asked in Berlin whether her government can work well until the end of its term in 2021 and whether she is still in full control, Merkel replied: "Yes to both".

Seibert declined to elaborate ahead of the meeting, which will be preceded by statements from the leaders.

Seibert said such agreements could involve countries that are most strongly affected by migrant movements.

He also said Paris and Berlin are in favour of deals that would allow European Union member states to reject at their borders asylum-seekers already registered elsewhere in the bloc, usually their first port of call.

Saying something often doesn't make it true.

But despite Trump's incorrect claims about migrants, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been facing growing pressure over her immigration policies.

A split with the CSU, their ally of seven decades, would deprive the CDU of the governing majority it commands in the Bundestag lower house in coalition with the Social Democrats (SPD).

Trump, who regularly lambastes Germany in his Twitter tirades, launched an unusually pointed attack on Merkel's coalition on Monday, when as well as asserting that its migration policy was causing crime, he suggested that Merkel was on the ropes.



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