E3 2018: Development Still Hasn't Really Started on Beyond Good & Evil 2


Following the new reveal at Ubisoft's press conference, the publisher released a few more images that have been created for the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil prequel aptly named Beyond Good and Evil 2. As a huge, huge fan of Beyond Good and Evil, I am fascinated to see how they present Jade as evil, without that being jarring compared to who she is in the original game.

"We want our community to participate in a way that's never been done before through the Space Monkey program, " said Guillaume Brunier, a senior producer at Ubisoft.

Open to artists of all skill levels and fields, the partnership encourages participants to work with others - including the developers of Beyond Good and Evil 2 themselves - and will offer creative briefings to guide the process.

More was happening on the stage though.

Ubisoft is working with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hitRECord crowdsourced content network to come up with ideas for the sequel to its popular Beyond Good and Evil game.

Bear in mind that there is still no official launch date for this one.

Ubisoft was also eager to share that the camera mechanic from the original game will be back; this time around the character has a spyglass, which gives players a chance to take pictures, scan the environment, and so on.



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