Antoine Griezmann announces his decision to stay with Atlético

GETTYTransfer news Antoine Griezmann has recorded two videos

Antoine Griezmann has announced he is staying with Atletico Madrid after months of transfer speculation.

He has not yet given any clues but has said the decision has been made and he plans on revealing all via the video, therefore not opening himself up to questions from the media.

Eight years ago, National Basketball Association star James revealed he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers in an ESPN live show also titled "The Decision". Eight years ago, James announced he was signing with the Miami Heat over the Cleveland Cavaliers in a television special called "The Decision" on ESPN.

A video filmed by Griezmann at his home in Madrid, posted on Twitter by Movistar, teased the 27-year-old's decision.

The forward appeared in a short video released by Movistar, in which he says: "You'll be fed up with the comments saying if I'm going, if I'm staying, how much they give me, how much they don't give me".

However, that doesn't mean that Griezmann is going to say he's moving to Barcelona.

The documentary started with Griezmann explaining that he had a big decision to make and then went on with his sister, who is also his agent, explaining the options. But all he said was that his mind was made up, and that he is O.K. with the public speculating what his choice is.



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