With good economy, rising gas prices no worry for Memorial Day travelers

With good economy, rising gas prices no worry for Memorial Day travelers

Apparently the cost of gasoline - which averaged $2.72 in April, up 33 cents per gallon from previous year - isn't impacting travel plans this weekend.

Gas prices jumped 12 cents over the past 14 days, and six-cents since a week ago, landing the national average at $2.93.

Gas experts said there are many reasons for the rising prices including rising oil prices.

Nearly 90% of people traveling for the holiday in South Dakota are expected to take a road trip. "Unemployment is low. People seem to be feeling good about what's ahead for them in terms of their finances and aren't concerned about the price of gas enough to make a difference in their travel habits", Gamble said. "A strong economy and growing consumer confidence are giving Americans all the motivation they need to kick off what we expect to be a busy summer travel season with a Memorial Day Weekend getaway". New York City is higher than the national average at $3.18 a gallon, while one Mobil gas station on 11th Avenue and 51 St in Manhattan has hit $5, according to Fox 5. "It used to be in the 30s, now it's in the 40s", Clint Mitchell said of his bill each time he heads to the pump.

Have a road trip planned for Memorial Day weekend? Millions are expected to be on the move for Memorial Day. Twenty-five percent say they would start making changes at $2.75, while 40 percent say $3.00 is their tipping point.

Airfare, vehicle rentals and mid-range hotels are expected to be somewhat cheaper this year, according to AAA.

"We traditionally see a high number of drivers on roads Memorial Day weekend", said Massachusetts Department of Transportation Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver in a press release.

As was the case past year, the biggest construction headache in the area will affect travelers who drive to or through Detroit on I-75 when they want to head back south to Toledo.

ATRI's list of the country's top bottlenecks, ranking Atlanta's "Spaghetti Junction" interchange where Interstate 285 and I-85 North intersect as the most congested, includes trip planning guidance.

The vast majority of travelers will hit the road, bringing an estimated 8 million vehicles to the IL tollways alone.

Memorial Day weekend is known to be the unofficial start to summer.



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