Will '13 Reasons Why' be back for season 3?

School districts warn parents ahead of '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 release

For season two, which premieres Friday, 13 Reasons Why has gone a step further in alerting viewers of its sensitive material: In a cold open before its first episode begins, a 50-second PSA runs featuring numerous main castmembers reading off a strong disclaimer.

Series like this one can lead to misconceptions and misinformation about suicide, and possibly to the glorification of suicide and suicide contagion.

'And a series of episodes - as opposed to one episode where someone dies by suicide - have an ongoing, repetitive theme. However, its handling of issues commonly faced by teens (bullying, gossip, sexual activity, etc.) offers an opportunity for eye-opening dialogue that will encourage young people to come to the adults in their lives with their problems and experiences.

Dr. Ashley Miller is a child and adolescent psychiatrist at BC Children's Hospital.

But few watched the supporting materials the show provided, and 70 percent of parents and 77 percent of younger viewers that did wished they had had access to more mental health information and resources than the show provided in its "Beyond the Reasons" addendum. In response, Netflix reedited the first season to include a disclaimer before its pilot and trigger warnings before its two most graphic episodes.

It feels good to anticipate the arrival of a new Netflix TV season this fervently!

The pending release of season two has prompted Auckland's Epsom Girls Grammar School to email parents that the show starts screening in New Zealand today. "After the release of the first season of 13 Reasons Why, mental health leaders quickly realized it would be invaluable to have consistent and evidence-based messaging to address the more challenging topics portrayed in the series", she says.

Netflix will soon release a new season of a show that prompted a lot of conversations about suicide, specifically among teens.

Now, Dr Reidenberg and a group of more than 75 worldwide experts are planning to release their own guide and toolkit to prepare parents, educators and teenagers themselves for the second season.

'I'm encouraging people to not try to keep their kids from watching because they will find a way to do it and do it in a way that doesn't allow you to have a discussion with them about what they've seen'.

Mental health campaigner Mike King said the show carried important messages.

He added: "There was conversation around these issues that wasn't happening before". The promising premise however gets waylaid and then trapped in throwbacks, PSA intros, mysterious threats, an under-utilization of Langford and a finish that is fundamentally flawed to say the least.



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