White House divided on Yanny Laurel debate

President Donald Trump weighs in on Yanny vs. Laurel

The " Yanny vs. Laurel " debate has captivated, exhausted, enraged, and divided the internet, all in the span of a few days.

The answer is causing people to disagree about which name they hear.

"The big debate right now, is it Yanny or is it Laurel?".

"Depending on where you put your focus on sounds whether you focus more on low pitches or high pitches you're going to hear one or the other".

President Trump said he didn't hear Yanny or Laurel.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a crack that touched on the president's attacks on news reporting he doesn't like, joking that the rumor that she heard laurel must have come from CNN, "because that's fake news".

"All I hear is covfefe", President Trump says. "There's also the question of what platform you heard the recording on first â€" the differences in the audio could have something to do with how Twitter or Instagram compresses video files. "That's why some people may be able to switch between the two".

The Green Needle/Brainstorm auditory illusion has been popping up all over the web in the wake of the Laurel and Yanny trick.

According to Wired, the original recording was done by an unnamed opera singer for Vocabulary.com in 2007.

"People may not always be able to hear things the way that you're hearing".

"Like a radio, our brains can selectively tune into them, once we know what to listen out for".



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