New Flagship SUV On The Way? Lexus Registers LQ Trademark In US

Lexus зарегистрировал название для флагманского кроссовера

Data on the timing of the emergence of a new flagship crossover Lexus as its engines yet. Now the question arises what exactly this model is.

Company Lexus registered in the USA patent office (USPTO) trademark "LQ", which is expected to be used for a new flagship crossover.

S. on May 7 for "automobiles and structural parts thereof". If you are not familiar with the name "L" from Lexus, it is usual reserved for their top models. For example, the LC is the top-of-the-line coupe, while the LX is a full-size SUV. Lexus showed us what a flagship crossover might look like when it introduced the LF-1 Limitless concept (pictured) earlier this year at the Detroit auto show. Lexus could protect the LQ nameplate in case it decides to use it later, whether that's in a year or 10, or it might simply register it to prevent another company from using it. Automakers often register names that never get used, whether they're meant to or not at the time of application. The architecture of the Lexus LF-1 Limitless involves the use of standard gasoline engines, and hybrid, fully electric or hydrogen units. The LX range is already used for luxurious Land Cruiser. If they do debut it, one shouldn't be surprised to see LQ nameplate on it. Infiniti might have something new up their sleeves to rival it too.



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