MI author claims to know identity of DB Cooper

Author: Mystery of DB Cooper to be revealed in Grand Rapids Thursday

Laurin has a memoir called "D.B".

A press release from the publisher said it worked with Reca's best friend, Carl Laurin, in compiling evidence.

Principia Media insists it "spent several years conducting a private investigation with a linguistic forensic and interviewing dozens of individuals to confirm Carl and Lisa's story".

Some of the other theories concerning D.B. Cooper's identity say he was a a mild-mannered grocery store clerk from Northern Michigan, a conman and former U.S. Army paratrooper who now lives in San Diego, an Army veteran who lived and died in Nashville, or an aerospace engineer or manager.

Laurin and Principia Media say they have evidence that supports Reca's claim, including documents that show how he spent much of the $200,000 the skyjacker received from authorities in exchange for releasing Flight 305's passengers. "The audio recordings, created in 2008, include Reca discussing skyjacking details that were not known to the public prior to the FBI's information release in 2015", the press release says.

Book Cover
Book Cover

A man identifying himself as Dan Cooper was on a flight from Portland, Ore., to Seattle, Wash., on November 24, 1971 when he handed a stewardess a note indicating he had a bomb.

Asked about the mid-air robbery, he said: 'Never even a second thought...it was no big deal really, it was done.

He claims Reca put the stolen cash - equivalent to $1million in 2018 - in the bank, before lining up another overseas 'job'. It was done, and I lived through it'. He then had the plane take off again for Mexico City, but parachuted out of the plane at 10,000 feet with the money and disappeared.

Laurin added that Reca's membership of the Michigan Parachute Team gave him the skills necessary to survive jumping out of the Boeing 727 at 10,000ft - and that he was snapped attending a reunion of the team in 2000.

Many investigators have come forward with their theories for who the infamous hijacker may be. Cooper & Me: "A Criminal, A Spy, My Best Friend".



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