Los Angeles Will be Verizon's 2nd 5G Market for 2018

Lowell Mc Adam Verizon

My boss' boss' boss was on CNBC this morning touting Verizon's new 5G services and naming Los Angeles as the second city in America to be treated to a commercial rollout of the new networking technology. The first city, Sacramento, was first revealed in November 2017. There are four cities that will be part of Verizon's 5G launch, but the other two are unnamed for the moment. The addition of Los Angeles is significant both because of the city's large population and wide geographic area, suggesting that Verizon's rollout there will be more than a modest testbed for 5G services.

McAdam noted that the carrier will have more than 1,000 cell sites operating on global 5G standards late this year, which will shift into a "mobile environment" as 5G devices enter the market early next year. "We bought 36 million miles of fiber so we can have big pipes feeding the cells. we will have hundreds of megahertz of bandwidth to deliver the whole suite of services of 5G", McAdam said.

Verizon is launching 5G in 2018, just not the wireless kind that your phone will get to play with. He said Verizon has "busted the myths" around millimeter wave, proving that transmissions in these higher bands can pass through foliage and do not require line of sight. He said use cases will include autonomous vehicles, gaming and remote healthcare, and he said the old model of pricing for wireless services will no longer apply, as users will be charged for applications rather than access. He added that data will be able to make a roundtrip on a mobile 5G network in one millisecond-literally less than the blink of an eye.



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