Lars von Trier's Return to Cannes Provokes Outrage and Accolades

Lars von Trier's 'The House That Jack Built' Causes Walkouts and Outrage at Cannes

Danish director Lars von Trier's return to Cannes Film Festival resulted in controversy, as a screening of his new film, The House That Jack Built, caused mass walkouts.

The film is supposed to be so "horrific" that over 100 audience members walked out of its Cannes premiere, with many calling it one of the worst movies of the year and "one of the most unpleasant movie-going experiences".

Some of the more shocking scenes described in early reviews include Jack cutting off his girlfriend's breasts and conducting taxidermy on a dead boy, with plenty more horrors hinted at in the movie's first trailer.

Variety reported that more than 100 people left the screening of The House That Jack Built due to the film's "disgusting" content.

However, Setoodeh did go on to add that the film received a standing ovation.

What is The House That Jack Built about?

Spanning the course of 12 years, The House That Jack Built shows the murders that made Jack the terrifying killer he is.

What is The House that Jack Built release date?

Who is in The House that Jack Built?

The critics and attendees responding to The House That Jack Built exhibited numerous typical scandalized responses to movies, including haughty high dudgeon ("he mutilates children... we are all there in formal dress expected to watch it?"), assignations of moral culpability, declarations that some depictions of violence become "not art", and projection against a theoretical "filmbro" dumb enough to like it. The main role in the film was played by Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz and Uma Thurman.

People took to Twitter to discuss von Trier's film and their reasoning for walking out of the screening.

I've never seen anything like this at a film festival. New York Magazine's Kyle Buchanan tweeted out a response from a Cannes viewer who said: 'He mutilates Riley Keough, he mutilates children. and we are all there in formal dress expected to watch it?'

If you haven't already guessed, Von Trier is having a self-indulgent ball, poking fun at his body of work and the notion that he hates women, while also toying with the tropes of the serial killer thriller.



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