JR Smith Shoves Al Horford Mid-Air, Marcus Smarts Retaliates

Celtics Al Horford

Marcus Smart wasn't happy when J.R. Smith shoved Al Horford in the fourth quarter of the Boston Celtics' Game 2 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Technical fouls were also assessed to Smith and Smart for their confrontation. However, Smith fouled Horford while the latter was in mid-air.

Smith's push was delivered in frustration as the Cavaliers watched a 55-48 halftime advantage disappear, with the incident coming as the Celtics were holding a 12-point lead at 99-89.

The Cavs, in the midst of a 39-point second half while blowing a seven-point halftime lead, were running out of time against a Celtics team that had wrested control of the game with a chance to take a 2-0 series lead.

"We're out there to play basketball".

"I just looked at it, Al is a defenseless person", Smart said. Smith pushed Smart out of the way, and Smart looked like he was ready to tear Smith's face off until Tristian Thompson stepped in and corralled the Celtics guard.

"It was a good call".

"That's not the first time J.R. has done some dirty stuff, especially playing against us". You keep letting a bully keep picking on you, he's going to pick on you until you finally stand up. "It wasn't like I was trying to lowbridge him or something to make sure he didn't get it". They can chant and scream all they want, it actually makes me feel better about myself. "One of my guys was down and I took offense to it".

Smart will continue with his uncanny ability Saturday when the C's travel to Cleveland for Game 3. After breaking out in the series sweep of the Toronto Raptors, Smith has seemingly returned to the shell where camped out in the first round against the Indiana Pacers.



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