Google Unveiled Android P Public Beta

Google Unveiled Android P Public Beta

So, users can now swipe up from the slider to get a view of their open apps and the most interesting thing is that, those open apps are active and interactive, meaning users can actually toggle options of an app right from the app switcher.

Google has a history of naming Android after sweet treats like candies and cookies (KitKat, Oreo, etc).

This will all soon change as Google with the greater restrictions in the upcoming Android P software. I'm really hoping for Android Pez or Android Pop-rocks, but Android Payday, Android Popsicle, and Android Pixy Stix would also suffice. The upcoming software is very different since it is full of visual changes and new features created to improve the overall user experience of the mobile operating system. That's not saying there won't be some major new surface improvements, however. Android P also brings new security features that aim to prevent idle background apps from using your smartphone's camera and microphone.

Android P will also upgrade the way people navigate their phones. You can always switch from traditional navigation to gestures. A second "Swipe Up" would open the app drawer. It will predict what brightness level you'll like at particular moment and change it to that. There are some exclusive features that Android P will be stuffed with. You can select any individual app and get a detailed summary of how you've been interacting with it on a daily basis. In addition, Android P will have AI-powered reply suggestions to help users with their messaging needs. Head over to this link to download and install Android P beta on your device.

First, make a backup of all your data. Hence, Google now lets you choose from six different voices for Google Assistant. The system will employ machine-learning to glean some pattern from the smartphone habits of a particular user and will attempt to guess which app the user will likely use next. So you just need to point your phone to the street and with a single glance, get to know in which direction you need to go. For example, if you have plugged in a pair of headphones, it will show you action to play music you were listing to earlier.



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