Evidence of Planet Nine Possibly Found

Evidence of Planet Nine Possibly Found

In the Solar System, pretty much all objects orbit the Sun on the same plane. They have actually discovered a Trans Neptunian item whose orbit might be substantially impacted by the presence of a ninth planet. The object orbits around our Sun at a radius which is near about thirty-five to eight hundred sixty-two times bigger than the radius of the orbit of the Earth.

What makes 2015 BP519 special is that its orbit is tilted about 54 degrees off the solar system's normal "plane", which is the highest tilt of any Trans-Neptunian Object. So, in order to reach their unexpected conclusion, the team used some computer simulation of the solar system.

Despite several doomsday prophecies involving a hidden ninth planet in our solar system, astronomers (not doomsayers) may be the ones who finally prove its existence: an global team of scientists has published new research on a remote Trans-Neptunian Object (or TNO) named 2015 BP519 that orbits the Sun with a bizarrely tilted orbit, and right now a ninth planet offers the best answer for its unusual behavior.

The researchers required performing digital simulations of our solar system for understanding as to how the discovered object happened to possess such weird orbit.

After that, the team added certain properties of a possible ninth planet which some researchers from Caltech theorized about in 2015. Guess what? The object's orbit matched nearly exactly.

The first reporter of the study, Shannon Hall said that the other astronomers are not actually clear of the fact regarding the ninth planet as they still do not have any idea about how our solar system was like in the early days. However, the mere presence of this object and it odd orbit might make this a very clear possibility. We're not talking about Pluto, which was downgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006, but an object that could have 10 times the mass of Earth.

There's been a number of studies that have offered evidence for the existence of Planet Nine, but this new research provides one of the most persuasive arguments yet. Astrophysicist Konstantin Batygin says that now, there are five line of observational evidence that point towards a ninth planet existing.



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