Deadpool 2 Reviews Roundup: What Are The Critics Saying?

Deadpool in Marvel Strike Force

The films show it is possible to make a massively entertaining action movie that fires off one-liners faster than bullets (and there are a LOT of bullets). There's a numbing sameness to the casual bloodshed here that makes the viewer nearly long for the relative calm of the first film's lengthy pop culture digressions. If so, this article will be updated. Here at Deco, we made the questionable decision to blow our year's travel budget to go to New York City for "Deadpool 2's" big premiere.

We'll still break them up separately, though.

Ok, maybe that's true in most cases, but not necessarily for Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. X-men member Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Deadpool's taxi driver Dopinder add to the hilarious moments and get good character progression.

The next segment sees Deadpool zip back in time to the scene earlier in the movie when his fiancé Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) was killed by an assassin, with Wade managing to kill the last attacker with some kitchenware instead. Did you hold anything back or save anything thinking that there would be a sequel? We'll find out at some point, though X-Force has no official release date, so we don't know exactly when. Also, watch out for the blink-and-you'll-miss cameo by Brad Pitt.

OK, now this is where things get really meta. Having "Deadpool" positioned as a summer movie gives us a little more license to go a bit bigger, but at the same time our budgets are not comparable to some of the big Marvel movies.

"Oh really, you think you can do this?"

Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) finds himself at X-Men headquarters (I won't say why as it would be a spoiler), and is asked to help as a trainee in a police incident at an orphanage for mutant children. What even is canon?

"You know, you're not going to believe this, but Donald Trump is in the news", Deadpool read the teleprompter with Colbert's glasses.

But since Wolverine died in Logan and Hugh Jackman said that he's finally retired from the role, Deadpool was disappointed. "See I'm under here, ' [and] undo four hours of prosthetic makeup work".

Ryan Reynolds returns as the Merc with a Mouth in a sequel which tells the tale of a young boy with powers who needs saving from Cable, a time-travelling mutant on a mission.

Reynolds provided a comically unsafe performance in the first "Deadpool" movie, and in the subsequent sequel, to shake up the comic book movie world.

We then hear a gunshot and the script is splashed with blood. And here I was thinking the most honest thing about "Deadpool" was the Wikipedia page.



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