Apple is pulling apps that share location data without user consent

Apple is pulling apps that share users' location data with third-parties report

A number of iOS apps found to be in violation of sections 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 of the App Store rulebook have recently been removed from sale until their creators can bring them into line with the official guidelines and regulations.

In other words, Apple is swinging the hammer at apps that use your location for data-mining and unsolicited third-party advertisements.

It also dictates that, "Data collected from apps may not be used or shared with third parties for purposes unrelated to improving the user experience or software/hardware performance connected to the app's functionality". The developers of affected apps have reportedly been getting emails from Apple in the past few days saying that "upon reevaluation" their app is violating the location sharing rules of the App Store Review Guidelines. This is part of a wider growing backlash against the perceived misuse of user data by tech companies.

Whatever the reason, giving more information to users about how their data is used is never a bad thing, and if Apple catches a couple of rogue apps in the process then it will have done its job properly.

In the instances we've seen, the apps in question don't do enough to inform users about what happens with their data.

Although it's unclear whether Apple is cracking down on privacy-unaware apps to comply with GDPR, the firm is requesting that in addition to asking users for permission, developers also explain what the data is used for and how it is shared.



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