Twitter updates its privacy policy to prepare for the upcoming GDPR law

Twitter updates its privacy policy to prepare for the upcoming GDPR law

Since that time it went under pressure in different European countries for its encrypted system of messages and its plans to share personal data with Facebook.

It is however not clear as to how the messaging app will ascertain the age of the users, media reports say that the new age update is meant to help it comply with new data privacy rules coming into force next month.

In the next few weeks, users will have to sign up to new rules, where they will also be asked to confirm their age.

That's up from the previous age requirement of 13, which still applies to the rest of the world.

To use the data of users under the age of 16 must obtain the permission of parents or guardians. On the social networking site, children aged 13 and above are able to have an account, but in order to comply with GDPR, parents of children aged between 13 and 15 must give permission for data to be shared on the platform.

"We had to make a tradeoff between collecting more information or deciding to keep it simple and raise the minimum age of users to 16 across Europe", WhatsApp said in a statement.

GDPR will be the biggest overhaul of data protection laws in the world and has been designed to create a unified set of standards that all companies adhere to.

The researcher, Aleksandr Kogan, invented an app called "This is Your Digital Life" in 2014 that invited Facebook users to log in via Facebook and answer personality and demographic questions in exchange for $4.

Incidentally, European lawmakers have already interrupted a move made by WhatsApp to alter its policies and enable sharing users' mobile numbers and other data with Facebook.

After the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal, Congress seems to be moving towards increasing consumers' privacy protections in the United States.

WhatsApp, which hit over 1.5 billion monthly users in January, clarified in a blog post that it will not be asking about personal data of users. Facebook plans to introduce new measures to improve ad transparency in the June, and require political ads to be clearly labeled, the company told a parliamentary committee.



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