Legion season 2, episode 2 recap: Looking for Farouk

Legion Season 2 Chapter 11 Promo

David wanted to help Lenny/Oliver/Farouk but not to hurt anyone.

From childhood, David shuffled from one psychiatric institution to the next until, in his early 30s, he met and fell in love with a handsome and troubled fellow patient named Syd (Rachel Keller). Couple their frustration with Melanie's drug-addled melancholy, and the Division 3 gang are in pretty rough shape. This could be a result of some kind of intervention on Oliver's part, or it could be proof that Farouk isn't actually evil all the way to the core, which would be a promising sign given the importance Future Syd has placed on recruiting him as an ally. He was without Lenny and David though, so duplicity was an option.

They must have been in the astral plane, because we next saw David on a mission with Ptonomy and the others. They appear to get on the same page by episode's end, but how long until David learns something else that he isn't quite sure how to share? In an empty-ish field, they came across a desk with a music box sitting on top. I think it had some connection to Syd/her past. However, we still haven't seen too much of her and her leadership is something that's missing from the group dynamic right now.

Unfortunately it was all a diversion. He's also dealing with trying to find Oliver Bird, the man who was overtaken by the Shadow King once the virus left David. They went through the hallways humming/singing, with Oliver reducing the guards that approached them to dust (or, in one case, a pig).

Cary studies the orb. I don't know how they got their hands on it, but somehow they did. The Fortuneteller looks like Oliver. He was trying to reach out to the real Oliver, the one trapped by the Shadow King, but couldn't do it. It doesn't get them any closer to finding the Shadow King, but it is good to see her back in action. I nearly expected his ears/nose to bleed. Except that she might not have.

Also of interest during the attack on D3 is Farouk's interaction with Cary and Kerry.

Later on, Cary manages to get out of Kerry by convincing her to sing the tra-la-la theme song from The Banana Splits, (because they need to split, get it?) and Kerry undergoes some premature hair whitening. When Kerry tries to go back into Cary, he goes into her instead and his arm is sticking out of her. She wants to escape, but since she died and her body was encased in a wall, there is no clear way for her consciousness to exist outside of Oliver's mind.

They're looking for the 'Migo Monks, ' who were thought to be wiped out (I think). David finds out that mustached androids are called Vermillion and knowing that they're androids doesn't make it any less weird.

In the third episode, entitled "Chapter 11", David finds himself navigating through the maze.

More out of synch than David and Syd are Cary and Kerry. It was clear she didn't really know what she was doing, but they were getting there, at first.

However, what we can tell from the end of the episode is that Syd has a dark secret that David will have to deal with. In this room, you can tell things aren't completely right because there are slight jumps in the picture, and Syd's voice nearly sounded mechanized as she promised "the end of everything". The whole sequence was disturbing, but it made you think. During that portion of the show, Legion informs us that humans are the only ones who go mad. Clark accuses David of colluding with the Shadow King.

David is able to make contact with Future Syd. Cary hears the Shadow King coming. Clark left him with a little threat: "We see everything". I can't help but feel its significant, even though the characters don't seem to really notice it.

Then David went to meditate ... and find Amahl Farouk.

There's a fortune teller in a field. Farouk tells David he needs to get up from the kiddie table, that they are gods. Then Farouk becomes a samurai. I'm not sure it was honest, but he did promise. That being said, the fish-eyed camera from that cold-open just added to the disorienting conversation; the open field with the Fortune Teller booth was gorgeous to look at; Aubrey Plaza is having an absolute ball once again, being a thing of nightmares; and the editing tricks, like playing with the ratios to shrink and expand David's head or making things choppy as if the episode were buffering, are fun to weed through. She promised to "live the living s**t out of life". While Farouk is controlling, powerful, and power-hungry, Lenny is desperate, groveling, and directionless. Remember, she only ages when she's outside his body, which she has been for a while now, and I guess the effort to bring him back aged her (or something). Oliver got her to see his abilities (and other's) as gifts, but since he returned (but not) she seemed only able to see what she lost (or thinks she lost). David takes a trip to the future, which they show in a glitchy format.

Future Syd reveals that David kills Farouk about a week from now in her timeline. Syd was a bit skeptical. The music reminds Syd of her childhood. David asks for help with using the chamber, but Kerry points out she is not the science guy.



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