Former FBI director slams President Donald Trump

James Comey gives first interview since President Trump fired him

Former FBI Director James Comey says it's "not OK" and "not normal" for the president to call for the jailing of private citizens.

In an interview with NPR, Comey warned Americans of what he says is the danger of letting Trump's more outlandish actions become normalized.

And on Sunday, he asserted that '[t] he big questions in Comey's badly reviewed book aren't answered like, how come he gave up Classified Information (jail), why did he lie to Congress (jail), why did the DNC refuse to give Server to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (why didn't they TAKE it), why the phony memos, McCabe's $700,000 & more?' Trump disputes Comey's account.

"The president thinks that Jim Comey is engaging in revisionist history", Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald Trump, said in a TV interview.

Comey appeared live Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America", where he sat down with George Stephanapoulos for the second time in less than a week. Those three states gave Trump his Electoral College win.

Trump has "impressively coifed hair, "it looks to be all his", Comey said".

"I don't remember spelling it out, but it had to have been", he said.

Trump fired Comey in May 2017, setting off a scramble at the Justice Department that led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel overseeing the Russian Federation investigation.

The dossier reported the existence of what is widely called "the pee tape" - alleging that the president paid two Russian hookers to urinate on each other in a hotel room.

Meantime, Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen was in a NY courtroom arguing that documents seized by authorities last week contained materials protected by Attorney client privilege. And he's not mincing words.

Trump has denied having asked Comey for his loyalty. Trump is being tried now in the court of public opinion, and he is likely to be tried later by Congress during an impeachment inquiry.

Mr. Comey also had more fans 10 months ago when he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June, a broadcast event which nabbed 19.5 million viewers, according to Joe Concha, media analyst for The Hill.

Comey also testified past year that he gave some of his memos of conversations he had with Trump to a Columbia University professor, but that he had written the memos specifically to avoid including classified information.

In interviews, he expounds on its pages by comparing Trump's administration to a mob family, calling his presence a forest fire and pointing to possible obstruction of justice.

While I think that's an interesting sentiment, I'd much prefer if this "President"-described as a constantly lying, morally unfit crime boss who is openly disdainful of women and speaks of them like they're mere objects-were removed from power sooner rather than later".

What Comey is telling us about what actually happened hinges on the question of whether Comey is a reliable witness. If he had any concerns regarding the email investigation, classified or not, he had ample opportunities to raise them with me both privately and in meetings.

He also peppered his answers with the detail of a seasoned investigator.

The Hatch Act is a U.S. federal law that prohibits those in the executive branch of the government, other than the president, vice president and other high-level officials, from getting involved in some forms of political activity.



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