Who Are Toby's Divorced Parents on 'This Is Us'?

By Ron Batzdorff  NBC

Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley and creator-executive producer Dan Fogelman joined forces to dish about what's to come in season three during their Featured Session panel at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival on Tuesday (March 13) at Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. For answers on why old Jack was seen in the finale, read our recap.

Chrissy Metz as Kate and Chris Sullivan as Toby on 'This Is Us'. But while one chapter closed, another one opened.

"I think we've all been holding our breath for a long time". One tear-jerking scene showed young Kate talking to Jack through the window of their iconic family vehicle, while he tells her, "the guy that gets to marry you, Katie girl, he is one lucky guy". It's poor Kate we're most anxious about.

This is Us, which loves a cliffhanger as it much as it loves to wallow in the memory of Jack Pearson, purposely didn't tell us.

Beth might be feeling a little overprotective in "This Is Us" Season 3.

Welp, that's all for season two, folks. The closing moments of the episode offered us some tantalizing glimpses ahead in time, and in one of those timelines we saw Kevin and Zoe on a plane headed to Vietnam. But he's not alone.

"People wanted to be so happy for Kate and Toby, and for the family, that it was really important to leave on a [happier] note".

Just as expected, we were left crying our eyes out at the powerful This Is Us Season 2 finale. It obviously had a big influence over his life and maybe Kevin is curious. Did Zoe factor into it at all? Now that we've seen them a second time, I have a theory about who it is they're going to meet. Aptaker even said it is possible Kate and Toby will not get married. They assumed he was just sad about the divorce, but it looks like there might be a more clinical explanation for Toby's moods. Kevin tells Toby he's running late to pick up his parents at the airport.

Perhaps that twist involves Deja (Lyric Ross), the foster child taken in by Beth and Randall (Sterling K. Brown), who has once again reentered their lives. We also see older Randall talking to social worker-aged Tess. What if it blows in the wind and it gets in someone's face?' And I'm like, 'I know it's not real, ' but these are things that you think about - or you try not to think about. Did the finale set her up for a future prison stint?

Kate's struggles with her weight were a major focus of the first season, but they took more of a backseat in season two. "It's time to go see her, Tess", Randall says. Older Tess isn't ready. When we last saw her during the Season 2 finale, she was bashing Randall's auto with a baseball bat. It's quite clear from their exchange that it's someone they were once close with, but had a falling out in the past that caused them to sever ties. They fear the worst.

If you find yourself sobbing at your TV every Tuesday night, chances are you're a fan of This Is Us.

Randall: She might kill us both not in our sleep. She needs to make room for Toby.

"I can not answer that, but I will say that we'll definitely be revisiting that time period throughout our next season, and it will be revealed in Season 3", she told Entertainment Weekly. Or Tess will resent us and also be the one who ends up on the pole? The story is enough to make Deja put on a cute floral dress for the wedding, and Beth is excited! Those two seem like small stretches, but we haven't exactly gotten confirmation that Beth and Annie are around in the future.



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