The Flash EP Addresses Mystery Girl Fan Theories

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The Mystery Girl's identity on The Flash season 4 remains one of the show's greatest mysteries - we've see the character (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy) on a few occasions, but to date the only things that we know for sure is that she has some connection to Barry and Iris, she understands some of the same odd symbols we saw from Barry at the start of the season, and it seems like she's intentionally trying to meet certain characters at specific time.

One of the wildly popular theories suggests that Kennedy's character is Iris and Barry's future daughter and speedster Dawn Allen.

The first time Mystery Girl showed up in Central City was during Barry and Iris's wedding where she sought out Barry dressed as a caterer and offered some words of encouragement, reminding him to say "I Do".

With Helbing having apparently debunked those theories in a flash, the mysterious identity of Mystery Girl just got even more mysterious. Jenni is Dawn's daughter and Barry and Iris' granddaughter. There's Sela Allen, whose a very obscure character from the very far flung future of The Flash's world. The most recent theory, however, has been that she's actually the new Earth-3 speedster Jay Garrick mentioned in last week's episode of The Flash. After all, that couple is the one who is now pregnant, not the speedy newlyweds.

See screen grabs of Candice Patton's Iris West-Allen with powers alongside a powerless Barry (Grant Gustin) below.... they're great if you're unable to follow along at super speed. Share right now in the attached comments below! It seems fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out who this mystery girl truly is. The previous episode of The Flash marked the third appearance of the character when she "accidentally" bumped into Caitlin and Harrison Wells at Jitters.

How does this interview change your theories? Who do you hope the Mystery Girl is revealed to be?

"The Flash" season 4 episode 16 will air on Tuesday, Mar. 13, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Want more news? Like our Flash Facebook page!



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