Online Sports Betting Market Growth


Online sports betting market growth has been astronomical in the past decade. As a global industry, the market volume reached $37.91 billion for the United States alone. Forecasters estimate that this number will reach $59.79 billion in the country by the year 2020 if current trends persist.

Factors influencing the recent upswing

Gambling is a pastime for millions of gamers who enjoy the thrill and excitement of placing wagers with the potential for high returns on their investment. It is a fast way to either lose money or win large amounts. Online sports betting is one such genre within the vast expanse of gambling options. Initially, sports enthusiast who found that their skills in predicting specific game outcomes could be profitable entered the ring. With interest on the rise, online sports betting casinos such as Spin Palace Sports realized the potential and established a safe and user friendly environment for gambling enthusiasts. Soon, sports betters without an active interest in any particular team began to take part in the activity and online sports betting became a new global industry with an international market volume that reaches into the high billions per year.

The migration to the online environment

It takes time, money and effort to drive to a local casino or other bricks and mortar company offering betting or gambling opportunities. The new and improved online establishments are more convenient for a number of reasons. More betters are opting to forego the long lines at the cashier's counter and the unavailability of their favorite machines. Instead, instant access to their preferred mode of gaming or games is possible through secure online casinos and betting venues that don't require travel. These user friendly options are quickly becoming a preference for many gamblers who value their time and privacy. Thanks for enhanced security, the safety of online betting with real money has alleviated concerns for personal information theft or financial loss due to cyber thieves. Online gambling is growing at a rapid pace and this part of the industry is exceeding the vast revenues generated by traditional casinos. Mobile optimization for online casinos and sports betting companies has made it quicker and easier to place a wager within a user friendly environment. Spin Palace Sports has made it possible to access all of their services through tablet or smartphone operating systems. Whether you're using a device enabled with Android for Windows or iOS, the service is simply amazing. The level of convenience is higher than it's ever been, so it's no wonder than more people are making the migration to online sports betting.

Current Sports Betting Markets

You have your choice with Spin Palace Sports. They offer football, cricket, rugby, NHL, Ice Hockey, tennis and golf betting and more. If you want to mix the pleasure, the Palace also offers election bets and some other novelty bets involving current events, reality series outcomes or other television programs.

Types of Bets

Mobile online betting is alive and well at the Palace. Fixed odds betting is a popular option for knowing the precise odds of the bet. Pool betting is the type used most for placing wagers on horse races. You can also choose from Parlay bets, futures betting or over/under bets. A wide range is available to suit your needs and preferences for online sports betting.


With the market high, sports betting is an activity that receives a high level of support from online betting companies. Spin Palace Sports offers a selection of betting markets, special offers and amazing odds. Bet from your desktop or your mobile device from anywhere you have access to the internet. Receive betting information that helps you bet with more confidence.





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