Google Station's high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots expand to Mexico starting today

Google Station's high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots expand to Mexico starting today

Google's foray into Mexico marks the third Google Station project following the launch of Google Station in Indonesia in August of a year ago.

Technology giant Google launched its Google Station wifi service yesterday in 45 cities across Mexico.

The premise behind Station is to improve access to high bandwidth services in areas where internet data plans might not be affordable, and thus users are reticent to surf the web.

Public Wi-Fi hotspot provider Sitwifi is rolling out conversions of more than 60 hotspots across Mexico City in association with Google and hopes to have at least another 40 more revised by the end of 2018. The project eventually moved beyond train stations, and also expanded to Indonesia in August past year. To see exactly where in Mexico they're located, head here.

In the blog post, Jack wrote, "In Mexico, the third highest Internet penetration country in Latin America, most people access the web through mobile".

Mexico has made great strides in connectivity since a 2013-14 telecom reform meant to loosen the grip of billionaire Carlos Slim's America Movil, which has long dominated the market.

Google Station now counts roughly 8 million users a month in India, where the program began in 2016.

It's really easy to take internet connectivity for granted: between increasingly capable cellular networks, and high-speed private Wi-Fi access points in our homes and workplaces, staying connected 24/7 is more effortless than it's ever been.

She added that Google saw Mexico as a good entrypoint for the product in Latin America. Beyond that, though, there's no word on what country Google Station might expand to next.



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