Fortnite login problem? Epic says to try again now

Fortnite login problem? Epic says to try again now

Weapons were being loaded up with nothing but the lowest-tier perks, and though Update 3.0 fixed this issue, affected players were still left with their poorly-powered guns. It is indeed dominated by two "outsiders" like Bluehole and Epic Games, and companies like Activision and Electronic Arts, which have the most popular shooters in their portfolio, are yet to dive into the, well, battle royale.

- Fortnite (@FortniteGame) March 9, 2018In the meantime we'll have some new things coming soon.

"Fortnite" players will be given the option to opt-in to the cross-play feature and join their friends on other platforms. The company has offered rival company Sony to work together for cross-play before but Sony is not as open to the idea. This means that console and PC players don't necessarily have to team up with mobile players and vice-versa. The ideal cross-play world is so close, yet so far.

Finding a way to squeeze 100 players onto that small, distracting slab of metal in our pockets is certainly a technically ambitious gambit. Something else you won't see in the next update? However, it was later classified as an "error" and has since been "corrected".

When can we play Fortnite mobile?

Now that the service is finally available, this means that PUBG has some serious competition. If you're keen to try out some Fortnite: Battle Royale, you can do so right meow. "Like most free games out there, the free to download game and play feature looks great".

While we admire the efforts to unite players of different platforms, the fact that this socially-minded mechanic prevents cheeky PC players invading a mobile game with a view to securing a cheap victory royale seems fair to us.

However, with Fortnite now having cross-play enabled, many people might prefer Fortnite over PUBG.

She says the game content should be secondary to parents focusing on the group they are in and the chat involved in games such as a current favourite, Fortnite.



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