English man becomes first person in the world to catch super-gonorrhoea

Neisseria gonorrhoeae the bacterium that causes super-gonorrhea

A MAN IN the United Kingdom has become the first recorded case of having treatment-resistant super-gonorrhoea.

He has a regular sexual partner back in the United Kingdom and noticed his symptoms about a month after coming back from Asia.

The gonorrhoea failed to respond to two powerful antibiotics, azithromycin and ceftriaxone, that the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends are given to patients suffering from the STI.

Health officials are now tracing any other sexual partners of the man, who has not been identified, in an attempt to contain the infection's spread.

"This is the first run through a case has shown such abnormal state protection from both of these drugs and to most other regularly utilized anti-infection agents". She adds that it is constantly evolving to the antibiotics that are used to treat it. Gonorrhea is caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium.

The STI is typically contracted by having vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone who has already been infected.

In men, telltale signs that you might have gonorrhoea (which used to be known as "the clap") include painful peeing, unusually itchy arse, general itching around the genitals, and discharge from the penis.

However, one in 10 infected men and half of infected women won't experience any symptoms, according to the NHS. It can lead to infertility, and can be passed onto a child during pregnancy.

Fears of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea spreading in the United Kingdom has prompted health officials to trace the man's sexual partners to try and contain the spread.

It's really unsafe if not treated, so go and see your doctor if you're even suspicious that you've got it.

"We are following up this case to guarantee that the contamination was adequately treated with different choices and the danger of any forward transmission is limited", Hughes said.

Doctors have always been warning this could happen.

Public Health England said that the best way to avoid getting or passing on gonorrhoea, or any other sexually transmitted disease, in the first place is to wear condoms consistently and correctly with all new and casual partners.

In 2015, there was an outbreak of azithromycin-resistant gonorrhoea centred on Leeds.

"We are concerned that the problem will worsen due to the dramatic cuts that have been delivered to the public health budget".

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