Bolton Expected to 'Clean House' at NSC

Bolton once served as President George W Bush's ambassador to the UN

Other sources stress that Bolton, a veteran bureaucratic infighter, makes his own decisions.

Bolton has a record of being a hard-liner in worldwide politics and issues surrounding USA national security. Ford Jr., told the committee in a public hearing two weeks ago that he considered Bolton "a serial abuser" of underlings and "a quintessential kiss-up, kickdown sort of guy".

"Bolton can and will clean house", one former White House official told the magazine. So the idea that the Trump administration is taking another look at this makes a lot of sense.

He was once removed from a USA delegation taking part in six-party talks on North Korea after he called then-leader Kim Jong-il a "tyrannical dictator" who ran a country where "life is hell".

I satisfied Colonel H.R. McMaster in 2004, when he was in command of the Third Calvary Regiment in Tal Afar, Iraq.

This illustrates why Bolton is so risky. As a result, the pre-emption doctrine for guaranteeing American military, economic and even moral superiority is the main engine behind their thinking. The national security advisor traditionally has little formal power and is supposed to be an "honest broker" of interagency decision-making.

Bolton isn't the unthinking warmonger critics sometimes imagine.

The revolving door in the West Wing was swinging quite a bit this week.

UK Deputy Ambassador to the UN Jonathan Allen was asked if Bolton's appointment was going to test multilateralism, given his hostile views. But describing Bolton in that way is to praise him with faint damnation.

Bolton is tight with anti-Muslim far-right activists like Frank Gaffney and Pamela Geller. He served in the position from August 2005 to December 2006. Gatestone is a virulently Islamophobic organization that peddles fake stories about Muslim immigrants in Europe fueling a "migrant rape crisis" in stories with headlines like "Refugees or an Occupation Army?". Most recently he shared his suspicions that the apparent Russian interference in the 2016 election was actually a "false flag" operation staged by the Obama administration to cast doubt on Trump's legitimacy, a thesis sure to warm Trump's heart. Bolton wants to go to war with North Korea and has dismissed talks. But he is a harsh critic of worldwide institutions such as the United Nations (despite once serving as America's representative to that body), he has generally hawkish views on North Korea, and he has repeatedly called for the USA to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Mr Bolton knows Mr Trump's boundaries, weighs his words, and is confident in his ability to translate them into deeds.

Haspel remains something of a cipher to the public, but Pompeo's tenure as a lawmaker established him as a hardliner who advocated for bombing Iran even as negotiations on the global nuclear deal were ongoing.

The recent steps taken by the President of United State of America by reshuffling the cabinet has fueled concerns.

Obama's approach to handling North Korea's advancement of its nuclear program was "strategic patience", which meant do nothing and hope for the best.

Bolton also said speaking plainly and bluntly is an American virtue and thinks it can help advance the peace process to avoid beating around the bush. When Fox News's Trish Regan interjected "That's not really diplomatic!"

Kim was among many observers who anxious about the repercussions if planned May talks between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un don't go well. As recently as last month, he was arguing that the USA had a legal basis to attack North Korea in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. But the past is often prologue and nobody should bet their mortgages on a transformed John Bolton. Those war drums will soon be heard marching right into the Oval Office. When we get a project in the military, we call them "orders", and this was a set of orders he would happily have actually handed down.



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