Big changes to minor league baseball to help pace of play

Minors to open extras with runner on 2nd

The changes that will take effect in Minor League Baseball include all extra-inning games beginning with a base runner on second. The timer will remain at 20 seconds with runners on base, the same as it has been since 2015.

It will happen at all minor league levels. Triple-A clubs will be allowed six visits per team, Double-A clubs will be allowed eight visits per team, Single-A clubs will be allowed 10 visits per team and there will not be a limit on mound visits for short season and rookie-level clubs. I'm okay with the mound visit rule and I am pro pitch clock if Major League Baseball wants to add it. Get that extra-inning rule outta here though.

Also new for this season, there will be a limit on mound visits.

The change was announced Wednesday as Minor League Baseball tries to speed up the length of games.

A runner who starts an extra inning at second shall be counted as reaching on an error for purposes of determining earned runs, but no errors shall be charged.

Per the rule, "The runner at second base will be the player in the batting order position previous to the leadoff batter of the inning (or a substitute for that player)".

Major League Baseball announced on February 19 that there will be a general limit of six mound visits per nine-inning game without a pitching change, whether by a manager, coach or player.

And if there's a mound visit with no pitching change, there will be consequences to that, too. I'm glad teams have more allotted mound visits the lower you go in the minors.

In the minor leagues, with developing pitchers on pitch counts and inning limitations, extra-inning games can tax a team's roster. The clock will restart after any events - pick-off play, "time" awarded by the umpire, etc. - that allows the batter to leave the box. Nah, not really, mostly because it nearly ensures that the first action in extra innings will be a sacrifice bunt to get that runner to third, often followed by an intentional walk to set up a double play, and bunts and intentional walks are dumb and unexciting most of the time.

-Following any event (e.g., pick-off play) that permits the batter to leave the batter's box, the timer shall start when the pitcher has possession of the ball in the dirt circle surrounding the pitcher's rubber, and the catcher is in the catcher's box. If they fail to, then the base runner will be rewarded a ball.

"We feel that limiting mound visits and decreasing the amount of time between itches with no runners on base will further improve the pace of play and make it a more enjoyable experience for our fans", O'Conner said. There will be a grace period from April 5-19 when players will receive warnings for the infractions.



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