500 genes of intelligence were found by scientists

DNA tests can predict intelligence, scientists show for first time

Some genes linked to intellectual ability are also associated with living longer, scientists found. Researchers from the universities of Edinburgh, Southampton and Harvard, led by epidemiologist David Hill, who published the journal Molecular Psychiatry, according to New Scientist and Telegraph, analyzed data and compared DNA above 240,000 people.

Researchers were even able to predict intelligence just based on a person's DNA, a breakthrough which could potentially help doctors to diagnose impaired cognitive ability, or allow children to be given an tailor-made education based on their innate abilities.

In a study that's been hailed as the largest-ever investigation into the genetic basis of intelligence, scientists found they could predict someone's IQ from their DNA. He added that in addition they could also predict some of the biological processes associated with the genetic influence that can make a significant difference to intelligence in the individuals. They ended up being able to predict difference in intelligence only 7 percent of the time based on the genes alone.

It is known that environment and genes both contribute to the differences observed in people's intelligence, said one of the authors Professor Ian Deary from the University of Edinburgh. Dr. Hill says that there are two biological processes called "neurogenesis" and "myelination". Genetic influences on these processes have been seen he said.

A new research in Britain and America has discovered 500 genes linked to human intelligence. Children who grow in a safe, nutritious environment without being exposed to high levels of pollution and who are treated with many stimuli perform better in clever tests and a higher IQ score.



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