Sun to experience rapid cool-down by 2050, may end climatic change?

The sun to be cooler by 2050 – study

In what is called the "grand minimum", the sun will be at a particularly low point during its usually steady 11-year cycle.

The sun is on a constant cycle due to its core, which sometimes surges in energy and forces out more radiation and creates sunspots and flares at a rapid pace, and then quiets down and ejects less energy. He is also trying to figure out exactly when it is likely to take place. A grand minimum is a periodic event for the Sun, during which its magnetic field decreases and becomes weak so much that it could not generate sunspots or intense solar activity.

The "grand minimum", as it is being called, is an especially low point in the sun's ultraviolet radiation, which could lead to a noticeably dimmer world. During the same period, another fantastic incident gained popularity about the freezing of the Baltic Sea due to cold, to such an extent that the Swedish army did manage to invade Denmark in 1658 by marching across the frozen surface of the sea.

During the cycle sun's temperature keeps on changing with uniformity and researchers say with the newly found method they know when will the sun will have solar minimum. The thing is, after a grand minimum, the sun heats back up again. They compared radiation from stars that are analogous to the Sun and identified those that were experiencing minima.

As the sun will get dimmer the first immediate effect on Earth will be that the ozone layer will get thinner. The cooling is not uniform.

In spite of the chilling weather in Europe during the Maunder Minimum, other areas such as Alaska and southern Greenland warmed.

Physicist Dan Lubin (Lubin Dan) from the SCRIPPS institution of Oceanography and his colleagues predicted a significant probability that in the near future there will be Great Low, based on the analysis of past solar cycles.

Will this stop the damaging effects of global warming?

For those who want a better understanding of the Maunder Minimum, please see my previous post on the Sun's impact on Earth's climate.

Furthermore relating to reducing global warming scientists believe, 'The cooling effect of a grand minimum is only a fraction of the warming effect caused by the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere'. By the end of the simulated grand solar minimum, however, the warming in the model with the simulated Maunder Minimum had almost caught up to the reference simulation. While the help of grand minimum is appreciated and gives humanity a lot of help, it does not stop global warming.



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