NETFLIX SCAM: Virginia police warn of scam targeting Netflix users

NETFLIX SCAM: Virginia police warn of scam targeting Netflix users

But instead of clicking on a link that takes customers directly to Netflix's website, the link prompts people to give their billing information, which goes to a possible thief. They explained that a number of Netflix users have received a realistic-looking email saying their accounts have been deactivation because the company "could not validate their billing information".

The email directs recipients to click a link that redirects to a fake Netflix landing page. But if you want to check your Netflix account, open a separate window and log on that way.

If you believe you've fallen victim to the scam, change your Netflix password immediately and monitor your payment card account for any suspicious charges.

If you use Netflix, beware of an old email scam making the rounds again. Also, if your Netflix is still running, that's a surefire way to know this is a scam.

Then, there's a link to "restart membership" where users are asked to provide personal information and credit card numbers. Even if the email seems legit, hover your cursor over the address to see where it really came from; if there isn't a match, be wary.



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