Amazon patents wristband that tracks warehouse workers' movements

Amazon warehouse in Bielany Poland

Amazon submitted a patent for a wristband that can precisely track where warehouse employees are placing their hands and use vibrations to nudge them in a different direction.

If a worker's hands begin to move toward the wrong direction, the proposed "haptic feedback system" would cause the wristband to buzz and direct their hand in the correct direction.

A patent has been registered for the Orwellian device which sends pulses to staff if they stray too far from a package.

Many Amazon customers rely on the e-commerce giant for its convenience and vast array of easily accessible products, but the people who fulfil the orders in warehouses owned by the company around the globe are often forgotten about.

The patents, published today, were shared by GeekWire, which says the device is described by the company as a labour-saving measure to keep better track of items and deliveries.

Amazon patents dozens of speculative ideas and devices every year and it's by no means certain that this wristband device will ever be anything more than a concept, let alone put into everyday use.

"The wristbands also feature an ultrasonic unit that's used to track where the worker is in relation to any particular inventory bin".

Amazon workplace employees may soon be guided by their wrists.

"Accordingly, improved approaches for keeping track of where an inventory item is stored are of interest".

Amazon's network of warehouses and the work that goes on inside them is already huge, and the company is still expanding, so ways to cut time lost to rooting through its library of products seems a logical step, even if movement tracking wristbands on workers does sound a little dystopian.



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