A 17-Year-Old Snowboarder Chloe Kim To Dominate Winter Olympics 2018

Chloe Kim Lands Back-To-Back 1080s in Gold Medal Run at 2018 Winter Olympics

She will attempt to win her first Olympic gold medal on Monday.

"I knew that my daughter would go to the finals if she doesn't fall", he said. "I didn't even think about doing it there because I was kind of having a rough practice day and I just wanted to take it easy". "I'm going to turn 18 next year". But on the contest day, the weather was so flawless and the halfpipe was so ideal. "I was relieved after watching my daughter's first run". "And I couldn't believe it; it was so insane!" "I think this is the craziest place I've been with all these cameras".

Those runs, by the way, were the two highest scoring runs in qualifying establishing Kim as the clear gold medal favorite. She is the only female halfpipe snowboarder to get that mark.

Less than a week before the opening ceremony of her first Olympics, Kim was introduced to American sports fans by way of a commercial during the Super Bowl.

"I don't know how I got this far", he said.

"There are lots of great athletes in this event", said Liu, who is competing in her third Olympics.

Of course, none of her success or fame stopped her from being nervous ahead of her first qualifying run in South Korea.

"I grew up in a very Korean environment", said Kim, her blond-streaked hair tied in a bun.

"Just trying on the team uniforms was so surreal and I nearly started crying because I was like 'you made it!' We basically went through hell and back to get here - I haven't been home in forever", Kim added. In a recent interview, she halted a discussion of her awesome tricks with: "Can we, like, take a break?"



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