Zuckerberg vows to 'fix' Facebook in 2018

Mark Zuckerberg Cryptocurrency investment

He cited the spread of hate speech on social media, use of Facebook by Russian Federation and other countries to disseminate propaganda and criticism that the platform can be an addictive waste of time.

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said that his goal for 2018 was to put the business he co-founded on a more solid footing and break away from his longstanding practice of setting a purely personal annual goal. And during the company's earnings call in November, Zuckerberg warned investors that Facebook's investments in security to prevent abusive of its platform would hurt profitability.

For the year 2018, Zuckerberg is challenging himself to do better at his day job.

Zuckerberg chose to give utmost attention to "important issues" regarding protection of community from hate and abuse, ensuring time spent on its platform is time well spent, and countering interference by nation states.

And we look forward to Zuckerberg's new improvements on Facebook. He released a post on his Facebook page outlining his personal challenges for the year.

"We won't prevent all mistakes or abuse", he wrote, "but we now make too many errors enforcing our policies and preventing misuse of our tools".

Zuckerberg didn't mention some of Facebook's own mis-steps, like its attempt to re-colonialise India or virtual empathy in the face of real suffering. At the time he was more focused on growing the social media platform. This results in people getting banned when they should not be, while others are free to use the platform even if they clearly exhibit inappropriate behavior.

In a very interesting yearly note where he discusses challenges for the year ahead, Zuckerberg called out "centralized systems" and the need for people to "take the power from them" by utilizing two things: encryption and - cryptocurrencies!

But that "trajectory" has commercial outcomes in mind, as Zuckerberg's post admitted that his hopes that technology would decentralize power have fallen by the wayside as "With the rise of a small number of big tech companies - and governments using technology to watch their citizens - many people now believe technology only centralizes power rather than decentralizes it". He continued: "Many people have lost faith in that promise".

These issues touch on questions of history, civics, political philosophy, media, government, and of course technology.



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