Wi-Fi Alliance Announces WP3

Generation Wi Fi is Finally Coming

The Alliance is made up of crucial tech players like Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Cisco.

Wi-Fi Alliance announced several changes, including a configuration responsible for ensuring security even with weak password standards, which will "simplify the process of configuring security for devices that have limited or no display interface".

For now, WPA2 will still be deployed in Wi-Fi devices - with some improvements to help guarantee strong security protection for users.

"Security is a foundation of Wi-Fi Alliance certification programs, and we are excited to introduce new features to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED family of security solutions", Wi-Fi Alliance President and CEO Edgar Figueroa said in a statement.

He added: "The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED designation means Wi-Fi devices [will] meet the highest standards for interoperability and security protections".

Traffic streams between the access point and end-user devices will now be encrypted independently, improving privacy and security.

Passwords are at the crux of the WPA3 standards, even for Wi-Fi users who use bad passwords like "password".

Although WPA3 is being released, Wi-Fi alliance will continue to support and upgrade WPA2 as many organizations will still be using it for the foreseeable future. It will prevent hackers from trying to guess every possible combination of a password. "Finally, a 192-bit security suite, aligned with the Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite from the Committee on National Security Systems, will further protect Wi-Fi networks with higher security requirements such as government, defense, and industrial". Now in an open Wi-Fi network the connections between devices are not protected in any way, and thus listening and manipulating traffic is very easy.

The new WPA3 protocol will be available for consumer and business wireless devices later this year. WPA2 used a four-way handshake to access a network, but the newer version has a more resilient handshake, "which will not be vulnerable to dictionary attacks", a method of infiltrating a computer's network through password generating, Mathy Vanhoef, a computer security academic, told ZDNet.



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