Russia: Military bases in Syria attacked by drones

The Syrian Regime Dropped no less than 6,243 Barrel Bombs on Syria in 2017

The Russian military said that the attack originated from the village of Muazzara, which is located in the Idlib region of Syria.

A drone used in an attempted strike on Russian military bases in Syria.

"I think the announcement was politically motivated and had little to do with the facts on the ground", Frederic Hof, former special adviser for transition in Syria at the U.S. State Department and director of the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, told VOA. The Defense Ministry said the solutions employed by the militants could have been obtained only from an industrialized country.

Seven UAVs were eliminated by the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile complexes operated by the Russian air defence units on 24-hours alert.

"Ten drones carrying explosives attacked the Russian air base at Hmeimim and three others targeted the Russian naval base in Tartus", both in western Syria, the ministry said in a statement run by Russian press agencies.

Security expert Yury Zakharchenko said there was no universal technology yet to fight sophisticated drone attacks.

It also noted a "strange coincidence" of a USA military intelligence plane flying over the Mediterranean near the two Russian bases at the moment of the attack. "That action wouldn't have been possible without involvement of American structures", said Gennady Zyuganov, head of the Communist Party and a member of the lower house.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Russian forces were on alert following drone attacks on the Hmeimim base, the largest Russian military base on Syrian territory.

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said the allegation was "absolutely false".

But Russia also fears that "hooligans" could use drones to cause disruption, said Melikov.

Now Russia is adding that a unusual coincidence took place during the attack.

In September, the three countries agreed to jointly monitor a fourth safe zone around Idlib province as part of the tripartite plan to ease the Syrian conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The agreement has helped reduce fighting significantly and contributed to warmer ties between Russian Federation and Turkey.

On Tuesday, Turkey's foreign ministry summoned the Russian and Iranian ambassadors to Ankara, according to diplomatic sources, after saying the Syrian regime was targeting moderate opposition forces in Idlib near the Turkish border.

In its latest announcement, the Ministry of Defense said the drone attack had occurred overnight last Friday. The Russian military denied that the attack damaged its aircraft.

Russian Federation has not yet commented on the reports. That could significantly raise the stakes for Moscow.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could speak by phone with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to discuss the situation, he added. "The Motherland is proud of you".

It remained a mystery how the battle unfolded, although regime forces announced breaking the siege.

Associated Press writer Zeina Karam in Beirut contributed.



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