Production Line Issues Are Forcing Tesla To Build Batteries By Hand

Production Line Issues Are Forcing Tesla To Build Batteries By Hand

Fans are waiting in long lines just to get a glimpse of the vehicle. As the company moves toward becoming a fully-scaled auto producer, having almost fully-automated its production process will be one of the key competitive advantages the company will rely on to compete on price and deliver world class electric vehicles to the market at a lower cost of production than its larger rivals.

While Tesla has had trouble building the Model 3, its first mass-market electric vehicle, the company has had no issues building hype for it. Photos and videos posted to Instagram and Twitter recall the release days for major Apple products, like the iPhone, where some customers would camp outside of Apple stores the night before a hot item became available. Ernesto Villanueva, who holds "numerous" patents and helped design the battery modules that power all Tesla vehicles, left the company past year, CNBC said, citing a person familiar with what occurred. CEO Elon Musk is an incredible salesperson, and he's built a cult-like following around himself and Tesla that has begun to resemble what Steve Jobs did with Apple. Tesla has declined to comment and Villanueva could not be reached for comment, the report said.

All eyes are on Minneapolis for the upcoming Super Bowl on February 4, but outside the walls of the U.S. Bank Stadium lies another of the Twin City's biggest attractions: the Mall of America, where, as of last week, Tesla is now doing business via a rental service. "To be absolutely clear, we are on track with the previous projections for achieving increased Model 3 production rates that we provided earlier this month", said a Tesla spokesman in a emailed statement to Automotive News.

While Tesla had previously attempted to open a full-blown dealership inside the Mall of America, that idea was blocked by a local auto dealership association.



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