Logan Paul controversy highlights the recklessness of online celebrities

Logan Paul controversy highlights the recklessness of online celebrities

A YOUTUBE star who came under fire for filming someone hanging from a tree in Japan's so-called "suicide forest" has said sorry for posting the "insensitive" video.

Logan deleted the video on Monday after it was viewed by 6 million people and caused a social media backlash, with critics calling the video disgusting and tasteless.

Paul has since apologised twice; once on Twitter, where he said he was trying to make a "positive ripple on the internet" and again on video, describing the incident as a "continuous lapse in judgement". Following the criticism of his written apology, Logan also uploaded an apology video on his YouTube channel, where he said, "For my fans who are defending my actions, please don't". I should have never posted the video. After saying he's "ashamed of myself" and "disappointed in myself", he went on to "promise to be better". At one point, human-trashbag Logan nearly laughs when he says, "this was all going to be a joke, why did it become so real?" "I will be better".

At the time of publication, Logan Paul's account - Logan Paul Vlogs - has more than 15 million subscribers, though this figure could change significantly as the fallout from the controversy continues and the the account attracts more and more attention as a result of it.

With the growth of internet and channels like YouTube, there is day to day updates which can be interesting and can be disturbing as well.

Logan Paul has apologized following the vast backlash he has received with his recent video.

Two copies of the video, which includes images of the body of a suicide victim Paul encountered in Japan, were featured in the trending section of YouTube before they were removed a short time later.

Paul appeared humbled in his newest apology - nothing like the young man who became a YouTube sensation by doing just about anything for laughs.

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul was one of a number of people to criticise the video, messaging Paul on Twitter, "You disgust me". "He definitely did not want to bring awareness to suicide prevention", she says, adding, "He wanted clicks and likes and shock factor". Plain and simple. Suicide is not a joke. Well, aside from Japan's high depression rate and long tradition of suicide, the forest's density makes it ideal for victims to never be discovered.

YouTube was also slammed for allowing content like Paul's video to be posted.

The camera then zoomed into the man's body, while Paul asks his tour guide: "Did we just find a dead person in the suicide forest hanging?"

Or possibly not, there's an old saying which goes: "Any publicity is good publicity", and that may, sadly, be the truth in Logan's case, despite the sinful nature of the video.

"We partner with safety groups such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to provide educational resources that are incorporated in our YouTube Safety Centre".



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