Israeli jets bombard Hamas positions in Gaza

IAF attack in Gaza

No casualties or injuries were reported.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel has struck at least 40 Hamas targets in Gaza in recent weeks, in response to criticism from Labour Party head Avi Gabbay that Netanyahu has failed to stop the rocket fire and for not taking stronger action against Gaza.

But Israeli forces said in a statement that "in response to the projectiles fired at southern Israeli communities throughout yesterday from the Gaza Strip, Israeli air force fighter jets targeted a significant terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip".

It is noteworthy that Palestinian territories witness mounting unrest following U.S. President Donald Trump's declaration last December on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving U.S. embassy there.

Trump's controversial announcement only worsened the likelihood of a reconciliation happening, and damaged the already fragile peace process.

The Times went on to make the point that these efforts - and similar ones by Israeli legal officials to extend the reach of Israeli civil law to the West Bank, seen by some as setting the stage for annexation - are the natural results of President Trump's "recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital in defiance of decades-old United States policy and global consensus".

Jerusalem is a key issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and many Arab leaders and others have reacted in anger.

Under worldwide law East Jerusalem is considered occupied Palestinian territory.



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