Iron Banner returns next week with a few changes

Destiny 2- Iron Banner Season 2 Rewards          It’s time. A battle of Guardian versus Guardian returns

The new tournament will begin in a short time, starting on January 30th and will stay until February 6th.

This will be the first Iron Banner event of the second season of Destiny 2.

Bungie is adding new items to the engrams players receive by visiting Lord Saladin. From Masterwork Armor to Shader deletion, there were a lot of topics for Bungie to cover, but one that will have the most immediate impact is the change to raid rewards.

Items from previous seasons may also be rewarded for players that missed them the first time around.

You can expect the usual assortment of weapons, armour, Ghost Shells, sparrows, and an emblem that tracks the number of lifetime rank ups you've earned in Destiny 2. Lastly, armor stats can be reworked. Armor and weapons can also directly be bought from Lord Saladin now. Trials of the Nine and Raids will feature a higher chance for Armor Masterwork.

Masterwork armor is coming next week as well, and they come with a perk that adds three percent damage resistance while using a Super.

If nothing else, the changes to raid rewards are going to make future endgame experiences worth completing on a regular basis.

Along with the weapons, there will be a new gear for you guys. These mods will be Legendary by default, so players won't have to sacrifice 5 Power for a good bonus. Additionally, Raid encounters will now always drop a Raid gear piece so that players won't be left with nothing after completing an encounter. Players will also be able to spend Legendary Shards and Calus Tokens to purchase specific raid pieces if they have completed the raid the same week. Raid vendors will sell a rotation selection of Raid gear, and a new Exotic Raid Ghost will be added to the loot table for the final encounters.

And finally, the raid loot pool will include the Contender's Shell, arguably one of the best ghost shells introduced for Destiny 2. The shell comes with a trio of "Seeker" perks.

Seeker of Brilliance: Each encounter has a chance to drop Bright Engrams.



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