Iraqi Forces Capture ISIS Executioner Who Hurled Gay Men From Buildings

Security forces in Iraq have captured a ISIS executioner who was notorious for homophobic murders.

Abu Omer, known as "White Beard" because of his long facial hair, was arrested on January 1 after locals in Mosul reported he was in the city.

The terrorist group has taunted the West with a string of 'death to gays' execution videos, showing men accused of homosexuality being thrown off buildings and pelted with stones.

A white-bearded ISIS militant who presided over the killings of dozens of gay men and others who ran afoul of the so-called "caliphate" was captured in the Iraqi city of Mosul last week, according to reports.

A recent report from the Human Rights Campaign highlighted how men alleged to have sex with men are hunted down by ISIS, targeted on social media and subjected to extreme violence.

In one video, apparently from March 2015, a man who appears to be Omer reads off a list of charges against three men before they are publicly beheaded.

Another photo appears to show Omer inspecting a pile of rocks before a public stoning.

While U.S. -backed Iraqi forces successfully retook Mosul in July of past year, and most ISIS officials fled, some, like Omer, have remained behind.

Despite Omer remaining in the city, many of ISIS's top officials fled Mosul and the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa, which a Kurdish-Arab coalition also liberated past year.

The high-ranking member of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, was discovered in a safe house in Mosul, where he had been hiding after the city had been retaken from the terrorist group in 2017.



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